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Color Hunter is an interactive game that makes a game board out of LED lights set up around the room. It’s modeled after the classic Wack-a-Mole. It challenges the player, wearing a headset and standing at the center of an array of lights that are constantly changing color, to quickly spot the target light with the color that’s different from the other lights. They zap it with their holographic magic to win points. The target lights flash only for a few seconds before the system randomly picks another target light. A game counter increments the score with each “kill.”


Each shooter plays three increasingly challenging rounds. With each round the pace accelerates, the colors change, the music intensifies. When the three rounds are over, all the lights instantly brighten to 100% white, and then after 10 seconds, dim down to 50%. 

It’s hard to convey what a powerful immersive effect these progressive changes in lights and music have on everyone in the room, not just the player in the headset. They are swept up into the fast pace and flashing lights, and yell and point to help the shooter see the next target.

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