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Level 1


The first thing to learn is how to select a color and send it to the lights.  We call this Conjure and Cast.



To conjure, place your hands like this.  Your magic will appear between your hands.  


To change the color rotate your hands around your magic.  You will find six preset colors: Red, Magenta, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow.


To change the intensity of the color, the saturation, move your hands closer or farther apart.  Closer together will give you the most saturated color, further apart will desaturate all the way to white. 



If you are looking for a color beyond the six presets, pinch your fingers like this and you will find the range in between each preset color.  


Once you have chosen your color, simply rotate your hands out towards the lights and that colored magic will shoot from your hands.   Aim the magic at the pixels of the LED lights and they will light up that color. 

You can also Cast from Pinch. 


Where you aim is where the lights will light up.  So if you want to only light the light on the left, aim to the left.  If you only want to light up pixels on the top of both lights, aim across the top of the lights. 


While casting, you can control the spread of the magic by moving your hands farther or closer together. 


You can narrow the focus of the spread in order to hit a specific light or pixel, or you can widen the spread if you want to hit all the lights in front of you. 


Keep in mind that physical distance from the lights effects the spread.  Get up close for a fine cast, or take a few steps a way and have a wider spread. 


While casting, moving your hands up and down independently of each other will affect a small range of color.   We call this the whammy bar. 


The angle at which you rotate your hands out, controls the intensity of the magic casted, which in turn affects the dimmer value on the lights.  For example, only a slight angle will bring the dimmer to 10-20%, while a full out rotation of your hands  will bring the dimmer to 100%. 

Complete Level 1 Wizard Training requirements to advance to Level 2

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